2017 Stitching Challenges

Well here it is, my second challenge of 2017 – to start a blog.

I’ve stitched for a long time and want to push my stitching skills further and take myself out of my comfort zone.  I’m hoping by having a blog it will encourage me not to give up and let my stitching get waylaid by the day to day routine of family life.  Stitching lets me switch off and I cope with things a lot better when I don’t neglect it. Anything which helps your mental health needs to be done regularly – right?

My first challenge was stitching a machine embroidery piece for a national competition. Scary knowing people are going to see and judge your stitching! Wouldn’t have done it unless my 10 year old daughter encouraged me – for which I’m very thankful. Don’t think I will win but having drawn the design I’ve proved to myself I can draw, I’ve loved stitching it and it incorporated my favourite era (the Twenties) so really I’ve won already 🙂  My piece is all packed up and ready to send, have to wait until March to find out how it goes.

Now it’s on to challenge 3…….


2 thoughts on “2017 Stitching Challenges

  1. Very intriguing Sarah. I can’t wait to see your various pieces showing off your amazing talent. Wonderful that you have a hobby that lifts your mental wellbeing too. Go for it!


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