Boiled Wool


Last time I made a garment with boiled wool it stretched – a lovely skirt just too big!  It would be really easy to avoid boiled wool but since it’s my year of stitching challenges I’m trying again.  Hard to see from the photo but the fabric is a lovely navy blue colour and I’m also trying a Debbie Shore pattern for the first time.

Having a deadline for stitching my competition entry really helped motivate me to set aside time to do it.  No deadline with this so I can see it will get left and housework will have priority 😦 Can’t have that since housework doesn’t have the same effect on my mental wellbeing as stitching so going to start putting ‘stitching time’ on the calendar.


One thought on “Boiled Wool

  1. That is very stylish and so you! How long do you expect it to take? I’ve not heard of boiled wool sounds quite scary!

    With Easter coming up I think your third challenge should be a decorative fabric Easter egg tree. With your embroidery talent you could have intricate little blossom flowers on the branches and beautifully decorated eggs 🙂


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