Stitching Date

Stitching was on the calendar and I’ve been stitching. It’s been a bit strange as I haven’t enjoyed stitching as much as normal.  Can’t decide if it’s because I’m following a pattern and not creating something from my own ideas or whether it’s the damp, dull and dismal weather affecting my mood/depression.  The sound and use of the sewing machine has helped to quieten down the irrational thoughts in my head though, which is a nice relief 🙂

The Debbie Shore pattern instructions are clear to follow and so far I have followed them exactly.  The stitch unpicker has been out! The front facing proved tricky for me – poor cutting out of fabric and my brain not fully functioning.  (Note to self to improve cutting out and get new fabric scissors). Still not sure if it’s totally right………

The plan of stitching on the kitchen table to keep our dog company didn’t quite work out.  He sat barking at me while I was stitching! So he ended up in his room separated from me by a baby gate – as usual he wasn’t happy about this and went in a huff and had a sleep.  Next time I will just stitch on my sewing table.

Calendar looking full for next week but am going to squeeze some stitching in somewhere!



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