Just stitch

In between the normal house jobs and family time that happens on the weekend I’ve managed to fit in a couple of hours stitching.  Unlike Wednesday, stitching wasn’t a chore today (even though it has been dull and wet) and my brain is now feeling calm and quiet. My body just breathes to keep it alive so maybe my brain has to just stitch to keep it in a healthy place.

The cape sleeves have been hemmed and tacked to the front and back piece ready for stitching – fingers crossed I can fit that in tomorrow.  It’s coming together quicker than I thought so it should be ready for the spring weather.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with boiled wool it is a wool fabric that has been washed and dried at high temperature so it shrinks to create a fabric similar to felt in texture and thickness.  When stitching with boiled wool:

  1. use a ballpoint needle.
    (Ballpoint needles have a rounded tip which allows the needle to pass between the fabric threads by separating them, to avoid making holes in the knit fabric).
  2. don’t iron boiled wool as it can stretch and pull out of shape.  If you have to iron your stitched seams keep the iron heat low and do it sparingly.

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