The joy of fabric

Does anyone else stand in a fabric shop looking at gorgeous fabric you don’t need frantically thinking of things you could possibly make with them?

I had a little trip out today to buy some fabric for my next challenge.  I ended up at High Street Quilting at Birtley.

There’s nothing like being in a shop surrounded by walls of gorgeous fabric and beautiful quilts.  So many colours and patterns – I wanted to buy them all!

Some welcome friendly help made me concentrate on why I was there and I chose some fabric perfect for my challenge.


The sight of seeing my new fabric lovingly wrapped made my heart lift and I came away smiling.  Such a difference to when I received the boiled wool fabric, currently being used in my current challenge, which was sent through the post in a plastic envelope bag.

I’m all excited now to start stitching with the new fabric but I need to finish my jacket first!

A trip to High Street Quilting will be made again either to buy some more fabric or just to drool (which means I will end up buying more fabric to add to my fabric stash).

Do you just buy the fabric you need or is there always a fabric you just can’t go home without?


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