My fabric stash

However hard we try and deny it stitchers always have a stash of something whether it’s fabric, thread or ribbon; to be honest we usually have a stash of more than one item. Now my jacket is finished (I’m busy sorting a photo) my head has moved onto challenge number 4.

My daughter’s old baby and toddler clothes makes up the majority of my fabric stash.  I kept them to make a quilt and I didn’t use as much of the fabric as I thought I would!


New fabric keeps tempting me and the fabric stash keeps growing so this challenge is to use my existing fabric to make a cute cushion for my 3 nieces as Easter presents. The cushion is from an old edition of Homestyle sewing magazine.  This time I’m going to use machine freehand embroidery instead of hand embroidery.

Of course I was gutted (does anyone believe that?) when I realised I didn’t have any pieces of fabric large enough for the actually cushion covers.  So, as mentioned in a previous blog, I had an enjoyable time in a fabric shop choosing and buying some fabric.

Other than that the rest of the fabric has to come from my fabric stash.


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