Stitch exhibition

No stitching this week but I did visit a stitch show at NEC, Birmingham on Friday.


My first challenge of the year was to stitch a piece for the Madeira Competition 2017 – the theme this year was ‘Glimpses of The Roaring Twenties’ – my favourite era.  All the entries were  being displayed at the show.

My piece was based on a 1920s poster and I was drawn to it from my love of 20s dresses and the pose of the lady.  However the poster used pastel colours and I wanted to use strong colours to represent the strength women have.


I must admit when I first saw my piece next to the other entries I did feel embarrassed when I saw the quality and level of stitching in the pieces.

But as I thought about it I realised I didn’t enter to try and win the competition.  The whole point of my challenges is to take myself out of my comfort zone to not only help my stitching skills but to help me with my depression and anxiety.

I love my piece.  For someone  who thought she couldn’t draw I think I’ve done a good job of drawing a person.  I also loved the process of drawing, experimenting and stitching her.  It helped keep me distracted from my depression over the winter months and it definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided some anxiety for me to deal with and practice my coping techniques – I proved to myself that I can do it, with all the time constraints of being a Mum, wife and working.  So really it’s a very successful piece and a winner to me.

Congratulations to everyone who entered  – all the entries are gorgeous and you are very talented. I hope you got as much pleasure from stitching your pieces as I did from mine.  I’m hoping the entries will appear on the Stitch Facebook page so you can see them all.  (Stitch is the magazine of the Embroiderers Guild and they support the competition).

As to the rest of the show.  The main question is what did I buy? Any guesses?  More fabric!!!! There was some beautiful fabric but I was very restrained and only bought what I needed.  Some gorgeous denim to make a pinafore style dress.  The denim is from The Denim Company.  I haven’t heard of them before but they had lots of different denim and accessories.  They don’t have a store but can be found at shows and on the internet.  The ladies on their stand were very helpful and friendly and I would definitely check out their internet store.

I also managed to catch some of the talk by Gill Arnold on ‘Successful Sewing from Fit to Finish’.  She gave some really helpful tips on how to make your garments look more professional.  It’s a shame she is based in Birmingham and I’m going to see if I can find something similar nearer to me.

Maria Thomas had some beautiful items on show and I will be finding out more about her work.  I love how she incorporates everyday objects into her work.

I was intrigued by the book and experimental kits Wendy Dolan had.  Although I didn’t buy any they could well be making their way onto my birthday and Christmas lists this year.  More skills for me to learn.

So an inspiring and enjoyable day out.  Maybe I should try the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate next as it’s a lot closer to home and I can spend some more time (and money!) there 🙂




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