Oh no……

…..my sewing machine is away for a week to be serviced (it has done a lot of work lately).  What am I going to do without it? 😦


There’s only one way to cope – cut out some material for when it comes back 🙂  The denim I bought at the stitching exhibition has been waiting patiently in a drawer.  Now is the perfect time to get it ready for stitching.  I’m excited to be trying the Freja Dress pattern.  Don’t know if I will add the pockets as I don’t need any further bulk adding to my thighs, but I might add a smaller pocket.  Think the dress in this spotty denim will look great with a white top.    Whether I have any shoes to go with it remains to be seen.  Could be an excuse for a shopping trip!



As I don’t have the calming effect of my sewing machine to help with my anxiety I’m trying some anxiety busting food.  I’ve read about Chloe Brotheridge who helped her anxiety by drawing on her training as a clinical hypnotherapist and NHS nutritionist.  She’s published a book called ‘The Anxiety Solution’ which was serialised in a national newspaper.  Food to help anxiety was mentioned so today we are trying Chocolate avocado mousse ‘cheesecake’.  Since it could be beneficial for my mental health it would be very wrong not to try it.  Think I need to add the book to my reading list to see what other helpful tips it contains.


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