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Joy and frustration



My sewing machine is back (or as my daughter says my baby is back 🙂 )  Great excitement as I’ve been busy cutting out fabric this week and I want to start stitching my new dress.  I’ve changed the pattern slightly.  To try to get the dot pattern to match up down the front of the dress I’ve cut the front skirt pieces on the fold instead of having a seam.  We will see how successful my pattern matching is when the dress is finished.


Frustratingly one part of the machine isn’t working properly so I’m going to have to take it back.  Not good when I’ve got lots of stitching to do.  I can feel my anxiety rising just thinking about the hassle of a trip back and knowing what I want to stitch needs doing by a certain date.   It can be really annoying how something minor can trigger my anxiety; I can easily let it build, become irrational and a nightmare to live with.   I’ve been trying to practise mindfulness over the last few months so I’m hoping it’s going to help me now.


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