Anxiety · mental health · Stitching

Stitching progress

I’m a happy girl. Even though my daughter has been away part of the week I have eventually got to the sewing machine today. 

The hem on my dress is done and I’ve tried out the buttonhole stitch.  I wasn’t sure how it would work out as doing a buttonhole is very different to my last sewing machine. However it isn’t as hard as it looks and I’m happy with the results. Now I just need someone to pin the straps of the dress in the right place so I can mark where the buttonholes go 🙂 

My second half finished item is done but I can’t post a picture for a couple of days as it’s a surprise for someone 🙂

My anxiety level has been higher than normal. It was my daughter’s first residential school trip so it was very weird. She had a fab time and loved it and I coped – even when dealing with a puncture on the way to the beach for a jog after waving her goodbye. My anxiety felt different this time. My head wasn’t all over the place as it normally would be so I could deal better with the anxiety. The only thing I have been doing differently is meditating. I will keep going with it and see what happens. 


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