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Productive day

Today has turned out to be quite productive.  Wide awake at 5am so I sorted out all my stitching materials.  My fabric stash has been curated (was going to say culled but that’s too harsh to mention in the same sentence as lovely fabric) and is more organised so I can see what I’ve got.

A change of plans to look after my sick daughter meant I could fit in some stitching and I now have a lovely new make-up bag.  My old make-up bag had a white lining which always looked grubby so this time I’ve gone for a back lining, which also contrasts well with the main fabric.  However the lining might be too dark and I might struggle to see what’s hiding at the bottom of the bag.  The main fabric came from a fabric shop near Glasgow and has been hiding away in my fabric stash for nearly 3 years!!!!!

I’m so pleased I decided to use this material as I love it.  It’s a great feeling when you have something new especially when it cost nothing as you have everything you need in your sewing stash and it comes with a sense of achievement as you’ve made it yourself.

Whilst sorting out my stitching materials I’ve also put together some quick projects for me to stitch to use up more of my fabric stash.  I’ve also been thinking about some new challenges to push my stitching skills further.

Feeling good and happy today 🙂


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