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New Challenge (and experiments)

I took this photo a couple of years ago on a walk between Alnmouth and Warkworth.  I love the different shades of green and also the shape and lines of the crop (have no idea what was growing!)

So the new challenge is to do some stitching representing the photo, using inspiration from Stitch magazines – a challenge with little challenges inside it.

An old edition of Stitch magazine had an article by textile artist Jean Boath on printing a photo onto fabric and then embroidering  onto it.  During the sort out of my stitch supplies I came across some Dylon Image Maker.  It’s been there a while but there’s no expiry date on it.


Instructions say you need a photocopy of a photo – instead I’m printing copies out on my home printer and copying the photo on the home printer.

Basically you spread a thick layer of the Image Maker on the photo, press it upside down on the fabric, roll it then leave for at least 4 hours or overnight (which I did).



The next day I wet the paper and rubbed it off.  The photo didn’t come through as clearly as I hoped.  This could be due to the lack of contrast colours on the photo, using a home printer to make copies or not applying the product correctly.  The lighter coloured piece became lighter the more I rubbed the paper backing off.

As you can see I have tried printing on the fabric with a piece of the crop.  This was inspired by designer Ellie Hipkin’s article in the June/July 2017 edition of Stitch magazine.  Ellie used fabric paint to print with but as I didn’t have any I used a card making ink pad.  My first attempt wasn’t very successful but I did manage to get one good print.

Next step is to do some stitching on the pieces.

 Am so loving the sunny weather and long days – my mental health always feels so much better. 🙂


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