Anxiety · Depression · mental health · Sewing · Stitching

Piece 1 finished


For my first piece it isn’t bad.  There are some things I like and other things I don’t.

I like how it gives the impression of the crop growing close together and overlapping.  I’m not keen on the shape of the crop.  I’m already thinking and doodling about the next piece to see how I can improve on it.

Feeling very tired this week so it’s harder for me to deal with things.  Can’t wait for the school holidays to start in 3 weeks.  The weather isn’t helping either as it’s cold and wet – not what you expect in the summer.  Hopefully the sun will return once the school holidays start.  In a way feeling like this is a good thing as it’s making me question everything I do to see if it really needs doing so I don’t put too much pressure on myself.  Pressure can be good to help you perform at your best but I put too much pressure on myself, about things which aren’t important, which has the opposite effect.  When I feel the pressure building I try to remember the following quotes to give me some perspective:

“The biggest pressure is what I put on myself”

“Putting extra pressure on myself just adds anxiety not productivity”

The running has come to a halt as it made my bad back flare up, causing a lot of pain.  As I left it too late to get a place on the family run there wasn’t the need to keep running.  My back has calmed down now and I’m just sticking to dog walks.  I’m thinking a pilates class would be better for me but I’m then tied to a fixed class time and I’m not sure how I will fit that around work, childcare, dog walks etc.  Decision to be made when my head is feeling more with it!


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