Anxiety · Depression · mental health · Sewing · Stitching

The start of piece 2/being hard on myself

Not much stitching this week.  I’ve done some doodling ……
then drew on the second piece……

and eventually some stitching.

I really don’t like the crop/grass in the middle – it’s too fat and short.  Gave myself a really hard time about my stitching (and drawing), thinking why am I bothering, I’m no good at this.  But then I realised I am overthinking things and being harsh.  The whole idea about these pieces was to try new techniques and experiment.  Things aren’t going to be perfect but I’m learning as I go.

It made me realise I give myself a hard time about a lot of things I do in my life, I’m always overthinking and want things to be right/perfect.  No one is perfect and life is one great big learning experience.  Maybe if I’m more compassionate and understanding with myself my anxiety and depression might not be as prominent in my life.  Something for me to think about.  As for the stitching; I will keep plodding along.  Whatever I learn can only improve my skills.


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