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What next…

This lovely lady was sent back to me after the exhibition in Birmingham and has been sitting on my stitching table for a while.

I don’t like her in the frame and, after seeing the other entries at the exhibition, feel she needs a bit more work. So I am adding a fabric frame/border with a machine embroidered pattern.

The pattern has come from a book of Art Deco patterns and I’ve used the highly technical, well used method of tracing them onto paper using a window 🙂 I usually make a pattern on paper first so I can work out design, fabric sizes etc.

The fabric for the frame/border is going to be black so I won’t be able to use the disappearing ink pens to transfer the design 😦 I will be doing some thinking on other ways I can get the design on the fabric.

I feel she needs a name – a 1920s one of course! So let me have any ideas.

My anxiety is still up and down and I was getting annoyed with it, trying to work out why.  My new approach is to stop wondering why, do what I can to alleviate it and have fun!

I loved the yoga class. Not only did the stretching help my bad back but there was a wonderful relaxation section at the end. I slept very well that night. I’ve already bought my own mat for the next class 🙂


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