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Never the right fabric

It doesn’t matter how much fabric you have, there are a lot of times you don’t have the right colour or size required 🙂 I may have used this ‘excuse’ before to justify buying some fabric I couldn’t live without but this time it was a genuine need.

I managed to cut out the border pieces from the black fabric in my stash but a quick visit to the fabric stall was needed for fabric for the back, wadding and bias binding.  As always I couldn’t come way with just what I needed and bought a small cute strip of fabric which can be used for Christmas cards.

The border pieces have interfacing on the back to reinforce the fabric and give it more body/stability.  This helped with cutting and stitching the pieces as I could use an erasable pen with my quilting square ruler to mark out the size and stitching lines. I love using a quilting square ruler as it makes it a lot easier to draw straight lines.

Have realised the nights are getting darker (always want to hibernate in the winter) but trying not to get disheartened, regular mediation isn’t happening  and I convinced myself I had a DVT the night before we flew off for a break and spent the flight in a panic!

I am still smiling and on the positive side I’m loving yoga, loved the constant sun, light and brightness when we were away and have booked tickets for a stitching show later in the year.

It’s also National Sewing Month and I had a fab start to the month having a full day with the Young Embroiderers group I’m involved with.  I’m always amazed by how the children just create and stitch and don’t over-think everything  like I do.  Being involved with Young Embroiderers is really important to me as the opportunity to be creative is decreasing in the school curriculum and I know from personal experience how helpful creativity can be to your mental health.

The picture below came from the One in four – mental health campaign Facebook page.  I love it as it is so me.  Without even realising I’m doing it I can jump to the worst conclusion in a single bound.  Don’t think I will ever stop doing that but I am working really hard to stop those thoughts as soon as they appear.  Would love to know if anyone else can relate to this picture.



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