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The importance of looking after yourself

Spent time this week taking my daughter’s school trousers up – more of a ‘stitching job’ not stitching for pleasure but it had to be done. I also experimented with how I would transfer the stitching design to the black fabric. I felt the easiest way would be my usual method of putting the design onto greaseproof paper and then stitching through this onto the fabric. It means the sewing machine needle goes blunt quicker as it’s stitching through paper but it is an easy way of putting the design on dark fabric. 

The only downside of doing this is pulling the greaseproof paper off afterwards and picking small pieces out from between the stitches.


I tried different threads – plain black, gold and black metallic and black metallic thread containing a number of different colours which match the threads in the original stitched piece.


The black thread didn’t show up at all. But the gold and black metallic thread and other black metallic thread worked well. I had my usual moment of overthinking which metallic thread would be right but, after taking a deep breath and taking inspiration from the Young Embroiderers approach of just doing it, I went for the black metallic thread with the different colours in; I felt this worked best with the rest of the piece.

Eventful week with my daughter starting comprehensive school As for any parent it’s a stressful time and I’ve been chewed to bits (totally from irrational and wrong thoughts in my head and not from the actual situation). Luckily my daughter has enjoyed her first days but it’s been tiring so has led to anxieties raising their head on a night time. Due to all the hard work she’s done over the past couple of years learning how to take care of herself by eating and sleeping properly, regularly meditating and learning how to deal with irrational thoughts, she has coped brilliantly. The skills she has learnt will help her for the rest of her life and I’m very proud she’s worked so hard to get to this point.

Looking back at the week it’s made me appreciate even more what effect tiredness can have on anxiety and how they both feed off each other and can make each other worse. It can be hard to break the cycle as well once you are in its grip. Quiet time, relaxation, meditation and (trying) to get more sleep is really important at anxious times. It can be so easy to forget about them but by doing this we are forgetting to take care of ourselves and give us the TLC we need.

Now that school holidays are over my TLC needs to include proper stitching time to give my brain the opportunity to switch off from all the irrational thoughts swimming around in there.


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