Anxiety · Depression · mental health · World Mental Health Day

It’s been a while since I’ve said “Hello”

wmhday logo It’s been a weird few weeks where I haven’t felt like doing a lot/anything (including writing a blog post).  After a week of horrible side effects from the new anti-depressants I was on, I had a chat with my doctor and moved back onto the anti-depressants I’ve taken before.  Roll on different side effects 🙂

Being unable to stitch at the beginning,  which makes me feel mentally better,  was tough and I felt as if part of me was missing.  I’ve also given myself a really hard time about not being able to manage my anxiety and depression without medication –  I felt I had let myself down.

What has kept me going the last few weeks?

  • My supportive husband, daughter, family, friends and work colleagues.  I don’t think they realise how much they have helped and that’s something I should change.
    They could only help me because I’ve talked to them about how I have been feeling. So for anyone out there struggling with mental health issues please talk to someone as it does make a difference and you will be amazed at how supportive people can be.
  • Reading – I have devoured books!  It was the one thing I felt like doing, it could be done lying down with no effort and has kept me occupied during my nights of disturbed sleep.  Thanks to my local library it hasn’t cost me a fortune 🙂
  • Our dog, Smartie.  He needed to be walked and he got me outside in the fresh air for exercise when I just couldn’t be bothered and didn’t want to face the world.  He has also been my companion when everyone else was out and I was feeling low.

All the World Mental Health posts on social media today have been amazing- they made me realise I haven’t let myself down and I am an amazing, strong, courageous person. Thank you.

The best bit is I have started stitching again.  Nothing complicated; small easy projects.  Unfortunately I can’t share any pictures of the projects yet as they are for Christmas 🙂  You will have to wait until December ………


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