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There is a glimpse of me

The medication must be starting to work as I had a glimpse of ‘me’ last Saturday.  It was great to feel like that but I also felt sad as I realised I’ve been very down for a while (it’s been interesting reading my previous blog posts this week!)

I’ve always found I need my depression/anxiety to get to a certain point when it physically stops me before I admit defeat and recognise I need medication/time out to put myself right.  A couple of weeks before I got to this point I was aware of physical changes in myself and I think if this happens again I’m going to take action then to see if that makes things easier.

As you can tell I do get annoyed and frustrated when depression brings me to a halt – you would think I would be used to it now.  Maybe learning to accept it would make the whole experience easier too.  Think that is something I will really need to work on!

I’ve been very lucky to have some counselling sessions through work and because of this it’s showing me areas in my life where anxiety is triggered/increased and I am trying a different style of meditation .  As I see it everything I try gives me more coping strategies to help in the future.  Even if they can’t prevent the depression/anxiety they might help me bounce back quicker.

I’ve even felt like stitching my (still nameless) 1920s girl.  I transferred the pattern onto greaseproof paper and tacked this in the appropriate place on the fabric.  Then I stitched over the lines.


There were lots of threads to pull through to the back.


Then there was the lovely job of removing the greaseproof paper.

Just another 3 of this design to do 🙂

To end here’s a quote that has been particularly helpful to me over the past month. Don’t forget it when you next fall. 




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