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Progress and Planning

It’s been a good week of small progress.  I’ve had my first full day at work, moved from jeans into work clothes and felt like wearing high heels.  They all seem like small, trivia things but sometimes it is just too hard for me to do any of them and they are signs I’m starting to feel better and more like myself 🙂

Two new planners have arrived for me this week.  My counsellor suggested I do a daily list of things I need to do so I don’t do too much and to make sure I make time for me.

It sounds a really simple thing making a list but when I sat down and did it I got really overwhelmed and panicky.  Looking at the things on there I just didn’t feel I had the energy or time to do it all.  So it wasn’t a great start and not how it was supposed to help me – it was to stop me feeling overwhelmed and not cause me to feel like that!

I have persevered with it though and it is starting to help.  I don’t list everything that needs doing – just important things like paying for school dinners, paying a bill, yoga class and most importantly a treat for me each day.  Chatting to my counsellor about my reaction to it showed how I put unnecessary expectations on myself  (something we can all easily do) and by keeping a list it highlights what is important.

The black planner is for work.  My head at times is like cotton wool and can only concentrate for so long.  It can be a bit of a nightmare keeping track of what I’m doing and what I’ve done, so I will note things down in the planner each day.  When my brain gets confused and I need to check what I’ve done this should hopefully be an easy way of sorting things out.

The black planner doesn’t have an exciting/pretty cover so I made a fabric cover for it; an added benefit of stitching therapy 🙂

I’ve had the fabric a long time.  I backed it with a thin layer of wadding and then free hand machine stitched in loops around the squares in purple thread.


I hemmed the short edges of the fabric with a decorative stitch….


then stitched the side flaps in place so the cover fits snugly around the planner.  (The cover is removable so can be moved to a new planner of the same size).


It looks a lot nicer now and I feel a lot calmer and happier after stitching 🙂 




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