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Creative Fix

My counsellor suggested I do something to celebrate the end of my counselling sessions so this week I took myself off to the Knitting & Stitching Show in Harrogate – a special treat and a creative fix.

Sore feet and an empty purse later I came home with new stitching materials, a signed book and lots of inspiration from textile artists.  Look out next year for my first attempt at working with Lutrador and machine embroidery – it involves a heat gun!!!

The ‘Layered Cloth‘ exhibit by Ann Small inspired me with her use of colour and how she manipulates fabric.  I bought her book ‘Layered Cloth The art of fabric manipulation’ which she very kindly signed.  I can’t wait to try all the different samples in there.

I fell in love with Jo Beattie’s exhibit of ‘Precious Memories‘ especially the huge teddies on display.  I love the way she has free machine stitched on translucent fabric creating wonderful shapes of people and objects and how the pieces are framed so the light produces an amazing reflection of the pieces.  Photos of her work don’t do it justice and if you ever get the chance to see it please do.

Janet Browne, Heidi Rhodes and Kate Holliday (the most gorgeous handmade ceramic buttons – need to make something specific to justify buying some 🙂 ) are just some of the other textile artists I will be following after seeing their work.

Also on display were the entries for the Embroiderers Guild Page 17 competition.  The different variety of techniques used was amazing and it was interesting to see how every one was inspired by a book – even the book ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was included.

There was also a stand by Look Good Feel Better who do a brilliant job helping women and teenagers manage the visible side effects of cancer treatment.  As part of the shows  they teamed up with sewing guru, Wendy Gardiner, to create a special make-up bag and brush roll pattern that can be used to help raise money for them.  It’s a fantastic cause and if you would like to use your sewing skills to help other people further details can be found here.

It’s been a challenging week full of experiences which have pushed me out of my comfort zone.  All good but I haven’t slept well and I have been more anxious than previous weeks.  So I’ve made sure I’m using my planner so I don’t do too much and I’m giving myself lots of extra self care.  The thought of stitching isn’t as relaxing as normal as I’m starting to stress about making my family Christmas cards.  This pressure is just coming from me so I need to breathe and enjoy stitching and they will get finished 🙂


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