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It’s looking a lot like Christmas

December 25th beckons and Christmas stitching and making continues.  There has been progress stitching the family Christmas cards. and all the baubles are done.  It worked well using the greaseproof paper to only stitch the bauble outline – it made removing the paper a lot easier and quicker.

The detail on the baubles was either stitched without marking the fabric on the front or by marking the design on the back of the fabric and stitching from the back.  I forgot to lower the feed dogs when stitching the bauble detail which explains why the top thread kept snapping and the fabric didn’t move smoothly.  I also ended up with wax crayon on the feed dogs 🙂

After the baubles I started stitching the edging using a close zig-zag stitch in gold metallic thread.  The first card went well but after refilling the bobbin thread it started showing on the top and hiding the metallic thread.  Rethreading the metallic thread, redoing the bobbin and changing the needle didn’t make a difference.

Time out dog walking stopped the panic over what I was going to do and the lack of time to sort it.  I decided to stop using the temperamental metallic thread and stitch the edging in a deep yellow zig-zag stitch and then go back over the edging stitch with a wider zig-zag stitch in the metallic thread.  This way if the dark yellow bobbin thread shows when using the metallic thread it will blend into the first lot of stitching.  This worked perfectly and it was a lot less stressful.

An added bonus from the dog walk was the lovely twig he decided to carry round.  It has lovely green moss on it which I’m determined to represent in stitching at some point so perfect timing for inspiring photos.

I just need to add a few beads on each card and then attach them to the front of a card.  There’s still time to get them finished to catch the last posting date 🙂

I’ve stitched a couple of things over the past few months where I haven’t been able to post a picture as they have been for Christmas.  As one of them was the first thing in my daughter’s advent calendar I can now post a picture;  a cushion made with her old Christmas pjs – memories and recycling in one item.  I quilted the cushion front with freehand machine stitching and I used the pj bottoms for the cushion back.

This week I’ve been lucky to visit a fab organisation called RTProjects.  They aim to reduce anxiety and depression by enabling people to strengthen their emotional resilience through art.  There was a lovely warm, welcoming feeling and it was great to talk to other people who are passionate like me about creativity helping mental health. RTProjects don’t receive any national funding and rely on voluntary donations which is a huge shame as what they do can make such a difference, with other self care/support/treatments, to people with mental health illness.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if places like this were available nationally to a large number of people and it was recognised and prescribed as a treatment.  Hopefully in the future this will become more of a reality.  You can check out RTProjects on their internet site and they are also on Facebook.


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