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Crafting lunch for mental health

A lack of stitching this week, instead I’ve been lucky to be involved with organising a crafting lunch at work.  As part of Disability History Month work has been showing how being creative can benefit your mental and physical health.  So my office organised a crafting lunch to showcase difference ways of being creative and to gauge interest in a craft club being set up.

As someone who keeps going on about the benefits of crafting on my mental health it’s been wonderful being involved with this, with other like minded people.  It was nerve racking on the day as we didn’t know how many people would turn up but it was well supported and it was great to speak to colleagues about their crafting skill and how it helps them as either a form of relaxation and/or switching off.

Something we featured at the crafting lunch was textile artist Alice Kettle’s project on Stitching a Tree to help refugees.  Alison is working on this project in partnership with refugees to create textile works to tell their individual story.  Part of this is a public participation project where anyone can stitch a tree to show support for displaced people in the world.  All of the trees will be incorporated into a ‘forest’ and displayed in Manchester in 2018.  If anyone is interested in the project and would like to take part further details can be found on their website.

The only stitching I’ve managed this week is to start my tree.  It’s been a while since I’ve done any hand stitching and it made a nice change and was quite relaxing.

I had a lovely surprise when iam1in4 contacted me to ask if they could feature more of my blog posts on their site.  I started blogging to make myself stitch as it has such a beneficial impact on my mental health and helps with my depression and anxiety.  I never thought anyone would find my experiences of interest or help.  It has been scary and way out of my comfort zone making things public when I have kept them hidden and private for so long.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read my blogs; it has been a humbling experience and no one should ever be ashamed of their mental health.


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