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It feels like Christmas

Not a lot of stitching done this week.  Just finished off a Christmas present but I can’t post a picture of that yet.  I can show you something I made earlier in the year – another cushion made from my daughter’s old Christmas pyjamas.  A small cushion this time as she was very small when she wore them 🙂

I feel I should be writing something insightful about Christmas time but I don’t know  what.  It’s a time when there are lots of expectations on us and we put pressure on ourselves to have this happy, perfect time.  Whether you have a mental illness or not, life has highs and lows which take no account of whether it’s Christmas or not.

I love Christmas but sometimes I struggle with it (luckily this year I’m not); I can’t tell you what works for me at this time of year because I don’t know! If I’m struggling I just get through it as best as I can.  What I should do is say “I can’t do Christmas this year” or “I can do this… but not this…” But who does?  (If you do please let me know how you do it).

Probably I’m afraid of what people will think, causing people worry, being thought of as a misery, having to do into detail of explaining why.  Does all of that really matter?  Christmas should be about what’s right for me, my husband and daughter – not reaching everyone’s expectations.  We should all be more understanding and respectful of what other people want to do for Christmas.

I hope whatever you are doing this Christmas you find time for you and your mental health.

If you do find yourself struggling this Christmas remember there is always someone there for you.  If your normal support network isn’t available there are other places you can contact:


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