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Is it wrong not to like New Year?

I don’t like New Year.  Every year I feel a huge sense of relief that I’ve got through everything life has sent me that year but also a sense of ‘oh no’ I’ve got another year to get through.

Everyone else seems to love New Year and can’t wait to party and drink whilst I’m more than happy to go to bed as normal and sleep through the midnight celebrations.  I’ve always put it down as my fault – I’m anti social, reflecting on the past year and making new year’s resolutions makes me anxious, I don’t drink (makes my anxiety and depression worse) so I can’t get drunk to block out how uncomfortable I feel.  But is it my fault and does it really matter if I don’t like New Year?

I’m not anti social but I don’t love being part of huge parties and prefer a small group or one to one chat.

I don’t drink for my health.  Sensible thing to do.  You don’t have to drink to have a good time and if people don’t understand or respect that really it’s their problem not mine.

Ruminating over the past and worrying about the future is something I can do constantly as part of being depressed/anxious.  I spend time meditating so my brain learns to live in the here and now so celebrating what’s been and what is to come doesn’t help.  As part of everyday living and learning I set little goals and learn from what I’ve done so I should celebrate that everyday instead of once a year.

To me going from December to January is a step from winter hibernation to the awakening of spring.  A time to put the Christmas decorations away and get some spring flowers in the house.

Whatever you plan to do I hope you are doing something you like and enjoy.  Here’s looking to the spring and new life awakenings.

Something I couldn’t post before Christmas Day is a picture of the tooth pillow and book (to record the stories of how your teeth fall out) I made for my 5 year old niece.


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