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To be sad, or not to be

It’s been a tough few months and weeks.  It certainly changes things and puts a new perspective on life when someone in the family is seriously ill with a rare heart cancer.  Thanks to the amazing NHS, doctors, nurses, science and technology has she got a chance, at the age of 23, of having a future.

I have struggled this week.  There have been months of  extra worrying, anxiety and sadness leading to days in my mood tracker without the smiley face icon which can show I need to take action and speak to my doctor.  In a situation like this it is normal to be worried, anxious and sad; if I didn’t I wouldn’t be human. But when you have anxiety and depression you start to worry whether it is getting worse, even if you are on medication.

So when do you accept it’s ok to be sad and anxious and when do you decide it’s not ok?   I’ve been thinking about this for the past week and I can’t come to a conclusion.  Life situations bring these emotions and medicating to the point where I don’t feel them isn’t the answer.

Overthinking is one of my unhelpful habits :-).  New approach – stop thinking, accept my feelings and go have a chat with the doctor next week at the same time as getting a new prescription for my medication.  Sometimes the answer is just to speak to a professional to get some perspective.  We aren’t supposed to know all the answers.

I feel the end is in sight with finishing off my 1920s wall hanging.  The border is all stitched – but unfortunately it doesn’t show up much in photos 😦

The backing fabric has been added with a channel of bias binding stitched on to hold the wooden doweling for hanging.

On edge of the black bias binding has been stitched to the front and it just needs hand stitching down on the back.  I’m nearly there!!!!!

Dilemma then is what stitching project to start next 🙂 🙂


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