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Being ourselves and being comfortable in your own skin

This week has been Children’s Mental Health Week.  It has been held since 2015 to support children’s and young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

This year’s theme is ‘Being Ourselves’ and aims to bring children, young adults and parents together to celebrate the unique qualities and strengths in themselves and others (taken from the Children’s Mental Health Week website).

I love this theme and think it’s something even adults need to do on a regular basis to help our mental health.  We get so caught up with day to day life we don’t celebrate the amazing people we are and how, by all being unique, we add so much to each other’s lives and the world.

I thought  I had accepted my depression and anxiety and could fully embrace who I am.   Lately however I have been reading books and articles which have made me question and over think my illness and look at the negative side of how it affects me; making me feel like a failure and inadequate again.

So the philosophy of Children’s Mental Health Week is just what I need right now and in my house this week we are taking part and noticing and celebrating the unique people we are.

I’ve also realised I need to stop reading all these books and just appreciate the wonderful person I am.  Depression and anxiety is an illness and just makes me even more unique – without it I might not be as lovely as I am now. 🙂


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