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Hand stitching and family time

At last it’s hanging up finished.  It’s been a learning experience and I would do things differently next time as the front doesn’t attach properly to the back piece – not that you can tell from the photo (or anyone else can tell).

It’s school holiday this week so there hasn’t been any machine stitching.    Instead I’ve gone back to hand stitching on my tea bag which I started when we did this as a Young Embroiderers session last  year.

It’s been a nice change sitting with the family stitching and it doesn’t take long to fill a tea bag with stitching 🙂

This picture is the inspiration for my stitching.

I’m using stem stitch and French knots and it’s coming along nicely.

Back to normal routine next week and the chance for machine stitching – going to experiment with stitching on paper……


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