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Workplace mental health and snow day stitching

I was excited this week to hear about the development of a new workplace mental health initiative (including a ‘Mental Health at Work’ website and online training) being developed by Heads Together and Mind.

1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health issues but sadly only 2% of people asked in a survey by Mind were speaking to their HR at work.  Also only 3% of people who responded to the survey had successfully found mental health resources online that they needed.

Employees with mental health/wellbeing issues can and do provide a worthwhile contribution to the workplace.  But at times we may need extra support and adjustments to our working environment when we aren’t managing our mental health. By having support from work it will help us to recover quickly, may stop us from getting worse and may have less of an impact on our home and work life.

That much needed support cannot be given if people don’t feel able to speak to their employer due to the stigma of mental health and if their employer can’t find information on how to help employees.

Employees are human beings not robots.  Even if we do not suffer from a mental health illness our mental health wellbeing can be affected by what life throws at us – physical illness, bereavement, caring responsibilities, financial difficulties.  So having a resource for workplaces can have a huge benefit to us all.  It will also help contribute towards the recommendations in the UK Government’s review of mental health and employers ‘Thriving at Work’.

Our mental health/wellbeing is just as important as our physical health/wellbeing.

I’ve been busy experimenting with stitching on paper this week and the ‘beast of the east’ has helped to give me more stitching time due to the amount of snow it brought!

I free hand machine stitched around the painted tree – normal stitching thread in the spool and machine embroidery thread for the top thread.

I even like the reverse of the stitching.

Leaves were drawn on bondaweb and cut out on brown fabric and yellow sari ribbon.  It took a while as they were small!

The leaves were then placed on the paper and bondaweb in place using an iron.  Thank goodness I didn’t sneeze or cough before ironing them in place otherwise they would have blown away.

Now it’s ready for me to stitch the leaves.  As you know stitching is great therapy for my depression and anxiety so I can totally relate to this quote 🙂


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