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Stitched face and children’s mental health

More than half of mental health issues in adults begin before they are 14 years old (information from Heads Together).

I remember when I was younger than 14 and how confusing and bewildering it was trying to cope with so many over-whelming emotions – one of which I now know was anxiety.

Thankfully over 25 years has passed since then and there have been huge developments in knowing how the brain works, what support and treatment is needed to improve our mental health and, more recently, action to de-stigmatise and talk about mental health.

The knowledge I have now on how to manage and help my mental health would have helped me enormously when I was younger, growing up and dealing with the challenges life sends us.

Today support for children and their mental health has improved but there still isn’t enough to help everyone.  Our mental and physical health are equally important and have an effect on each other.  For our children to be their best academically we need to ensure their mental and physical health is at their best.

The launch of Heads Together ‘Mentally Healthy Schools‘ website is another step in helping our children with their mental health.  The site aims to help primary school staff find lesson plans, assemblies, activities, advice and practical information to support the mental wellbeing of children.  Schools already have a lot of pressure on them and are expected to cover more than just academic ability so hopefully having this resource will make it easier for school staff to provide support for children.

We can only hope by the time another 25 years has passed every child will be able to access information and support on how to keep mentally healthy, giving them a foundation on which to build their life for the future.

I’ve been enjoying more hand stitching this week finishing off something I started at a Young Embroiderers session.  The session was on stitched faces – half a picture of a face was printed on some fabric and the other half of the face was stitched.  After a hesitant start where I didn’t like what I was doing I think it has turned out ok  but more importantly I enjoyed doing every stitch 🙂

I love seeing green moss on trees and have taken a lot of photos while out on dog walks so this week I’ve been giving some thought on how I can translate this into stitching.  There are a few ideas in my head and some stitching will take place at some point to see how they work out.


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