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Sunshine and more light on mental health issues

British Summertime begins and the sun is out – still a bit cold though but it’s a sign that summer is on its way 🙂  Only problem is the sun highlights all those nooks and crannys that need cleaning!

More doodling/drawing than stitching this week.  There are times when you need to spend time planning your next stitching project(s).  I’ve been thinking about how I can represent moss in stitching and been doodling a few ideas.  They don’t look a lot but they have provided lots of things for me to think about.

Would love to use the technique from Ann Small’s Layered Cloth book so lots more for me to consider.

Don’t think any stitching will start on this for a while but I’m hoping to start another project during the next couple of weeks.

First we had the mental health at work initiative, then Mentally Healthy Schools and now The Royal Foundation have held a symposium on the importance of early intervention to provide solid social and emotional platforms for children.  This has resulted in a steering group being set up to look at the options for a long-term collaboration between experts and organisations with the aim of raising awareness of issues like perinatal, maternal and infant mental health, the need for parenting support and advice, as well as resources for schools and educators.

It’s wonderful to see all these new initiatives and support to help people with their mental health wellbeing.  The Royal Foundation is doing a brilliant job in raising the profile and understanding that mental health is just as important as our physical health.


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