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Inspiration and new skills

My daughter and I had a trip out to a Designer Makers Market this week.  There are some very talented people around producing some gorgeous work which was all very tempting to buy.

I came away with a card by Sharron Bates – it is sewing related so couldn’t resist.  The original artwork is made from old paper items and this one included old pattern pieces and a stitching leaflet.  She does lots of other designs which aren’t connected to stitching. I think one of her collage workshops would be amazing and her work has given me inspiration for my stitching on paper.

We also made a butterfly brooch each from a used drinks can and Sharpie pens.  They were simple to make and very effective.  We made them at Emma Mears Textiles stand and I am inspired to use them somehow with my stitching (something else for me to add to my list of projects!)  Emma produces some gorgeous textile work and you can see samples of her work here.

My daughter also had a go at lino printing with Snow & Crow Printmakers.  She printed a bird on a very old dictionary page – again something else that can be incorporated into my stitching on paper.   So a productive day with lots of new things to try 🙂

What I did notice was a lot of the exhibitors were making things by recycling items be it paper, horse shoes, spoons – totally unique items which made you look and take notice at how they had reused an everyday item.  In a society where disposing of items is too easy it is nice to see works of art being created with them instead.

It’s been so exciting this week with new skills to learn and new stitching things to play with.

I have been a member of the Embroiderers Guild for a very long time now and I’ve never done any of their distance learning courses – until now.  I’m doing their 3D Skeletal Sea Holly on a wire stem course.  I need to use Lutrador, wire and tights to name a few items from the requirements list.

Lutrador is a spun-bonded non woven material which apparently you can paint, distress, layer, bond, melt, mould and stitch.  It’s not something I’ve used before so I am really excited to try it.

As it’s a course you need to pay a fee for I can’t do my usual thing of showing you step by step what I’m doing (if you want to know how to do it sign up for the course!)  However I will post the odd photo now and again and let you know how I am getting along working with all these new stitching items.

Here’s a photo of some of the required stitching items.  I am using stronger, brighter colours thread than what’s been used in the course sample but I couldn’t resist these colours 🙂


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