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Feeling unsettled

There have been a few weeks where I’ve felt unsettled, anxious and haven’t been sleeping too well.  All signs I need to take care of myself. So, as we were all off work/school, I took a week off blogging, drastically reduced my time on social media, turned my phone off early and spent time with my family and doing things for me.  Whilst sleeping isn’t 100% it has improved and I’m feeling calmer.

After saying I shouldn’t be reading any self help books I’ve bought two new ones!  The first is ‘The Self Care Project: How to let go for frazzle and make time for you‘ by Jayne Hardy of The Blurt Foundation.  Although I do a lot of self-care it reminded me of where I could improve especially on time spent on social media and it also made me realise how much I say ‘should’ to myself.  “I should be doing this”, “I should be doing that”.  The word ‘should’ puts unnecessary pressure on me and also makes me feel guilty when I don’t do these things (usually the ‘should’ jobs are nothing to do with self care).

The other book is ‘The Happy Kitchen‘ – food which can help your moods.  I’m finding the connection between food and our mental/physical health fascinating and I think it’s important to look at all three together to keep ourselves healthy.  My husband and daughter aren’t too impressed with the recipes and food in the book so I think it will be a case of increasing what we should be eating and reducing the food we shouldn’t and not totally changing what we eat 🙂

We had a family day trip out this week to try and find some dry weather.  We ended up in a cafe called The Top Cafe in Alston which had a wonderful tapestry, made by volunteers, based on the nearby Epiacum Roman Fort.

It is beautiful and the detail is gorgeous.  It’s amazing where you find unexpected works of art.

I’ve finished my tea bag stitched piece.  As I thought, I didn’t like the french knots on the top of the trunk so I have removed them.  I have really enjoyed making stitching this small piece and it has been good to have something I can hand stitch whilst being with the family watching a film.

I’ve also been progressing with the Embroiderers Guild course and this is where I am so far.

I’m loving all the new skills I am learning and can’t wait to see how I get to use these in the course ….

… yes you aren’t seeing things they are tights (and other brands are available-these were the cheapest I could find!)


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