Anxiety · Depression · Sewing · Stitching

What no stitching!

Another week and no stitching again.  However I have prepared the fabric for the next stage of the Embroiderers Guild course so there is no excuse for not stitching and the sewing machine will be out this week 🙂

Stitching is the theme for the next session of the craft club I’m involved in at work so I’ve been thinking of what we can do in an hour.  It’s always nice to do something small that can be finished quickly and give a sense of achievement – especially when you are learning a new skill.  So we are going to stitch a design on a tea bag using a few simple embroidery stitches.  Hence I am now drying off wet tea bags in the house 🙂  (Wetting the tea bags stains the paper to give them colour).

It has still been a productive week writing a blog article for work on how being creative helps me with my mental and physical health and also organising a local mental health organisation to come into work to give  a talk during mental health week in May.

Now off to sort my car insurance to see if I can save some pennies although stitching is far more appealing.  Have to keep reminding myself saving pennies means more spare cash for stitching 🙂


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