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From nothing to lots

Machine stitching and hand stitching this week.  I’ve finished the next part of the Embroiderers Guild course and my sea holly looks like this now.

I’ve added the teasel to the middle of the petals.  It doesn’t show well in the photo but the petals have been shaped so they aren’t flat.  Next step is to use the tights.

As I’m leading the next craft group session at work I am busy hand stitching tea bags as an example of what we will be doing.  We are going to decorate them using three different hand stitches. This is the first one I’ve stitched.

I went with tea bags as our session is short and they are quick and effective to do.  I’m really enjoying stitching them as you very quickly get a result and I can do them whilst sitting with the family.  I am even considering taking some on holiday to do – tea bags, a needle and few skeins of thread won’t take a lot of room up in my suitcase 🙂

At the beginning of March the Young Embroiderers group I am involved with did a workshop at a local glass gallery.  We had a fab time (even though snow made travelling tricky) but it was only at our recent session that we got to see and collect out finished, fired, pieces.  I love mine – I wanted it to represent the sea as I find it very calming.  The different shades of blue glass are beautiful and the colour looks different depending on the background.


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