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Needle, thread and tea bags

Busy week preparing for the craft club at work and Learning @ Work week.

Finished the tea bag samples which are cute.  My favourite is the one with the bright flowers.  People seemed intrigued by stitching on tea bags at the craft club and it was interesting to see how they used the detached daisy stitch and stem stitch.  Can’t wait to see their finished items.

As the craft club is also doing something for Learning @ Work week I’ve been drawing, cutting and stitching letters.

The photo isn’t great but the letters are made from felt backed onto two pieces of Vilene, to give them more stability.  They have been stitched around the edge with a close zig zag stitch and then bronze seed beads stitched down the middle of the letters.  The letters have been mounted on a canvas and we are looking for everyone at work to come along and add a fingerprint (or maybe a couple) to fill the background.

This week I really need to concentrate on making my daughter’s birthday card and cake – a couple of weeks to go and I’m a bit behind schedule.


3 thoughts on “Needle, thread and tea bags

    1. Thank you 🙂 yes the tea leaves are removed from the tea bag. First I put the full tea bags into water so the leaves stain the tea bag with some colour. Then I dry them and once that’s done I make a small slit in the tea bag so the leaves come out. You get a great coloured tea bag if using a berry tea bag. I back the tea bags on fabric before stitching them.


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