Anxiety · Depression · mental health · Mental Health Awareness Week

Normality v Abnormality

This week for Mental Health Awareness week I arranged for a local charity, RT Projects, to come along and talk about mental health and the work they do.

Part of the talk asked us about the difference between normality and abnormality.  As someone who has spent the majority of her life thinking she was abnormal due to depression and anxiety it was great to question the perception of normality.

As pointed out normality is illusionary and what’s normal for one person isn’t normal for another.  So just because I don’t fit someone’s idea of ‘normal’ doesn’t make me abnormal.  

We also learnt about the 5 pillars to good mental health:

  • experiencing positive emotions
  • fully engage
  • positive relationships
  • sense of meaning or purpose
  • satisfaction associated with accomplishment

I wasn’t aware of these so it was interesting to hear about them and see how the activities I do to help my depression/anxiety fit in with these.

I hope the people who attended got something from the talk to either help themselves or someone they know.  For me, personally, standing up to introduce the speaker in front of 30 plus people was a huge achievement and it made a difference to me – I may have achieved one of the mental health 5 steps 🙂

Our mental and physical differences make us very special individuals.  So if you don’t fit someone’s perception of normality don’t hide away and feel inadequate and inferior.  We are all unique – embrace and celebrate yourself.  




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