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Slow Stitching

I’ve come across a book called ‘Slow Stitch Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art’ by Claire Wellesley-Smith.  I can’t remember where I came across it (I look at too much on social media and craft/psychology magazines) but luckily my local library had a copy.

The book is about a ‘less-is-more’ approach to textile art, looking at working with textiles you may already have hoarded (sorry meant stored!!), repurposing old textiles, using local materials, natural dyeing, hand-stitching and other traditional techniques to give a more thoughtful approach to textile art.  The section I was particularly interested in was on Mindfulness and making as I know how powerful stitching is on my wellbeing.  It’s amazing how concentrating on stitching can calm your mind and dull any negative, unhelpful thoughts.

So instead of tea bags my holiday suitcase this summer will contain some slow, mindful stitching.  I have kept my daughter’s old clothes so there is lots of old textiles in my house and I am going to use these to create a larger piece of fabric.  Using some old threads I was given I’m going to try the Kantha technique or just do a running stitch.

Claire talks about a stitch journal as a time to reflect and gain thinking space – holiday seems like a good time to try this and create a new habit.


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