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Stitching fun and new skills

At last I’ve finished the Embroiderers Guild Sea Holly course and my head is buzzing with ideas on how I can use the new skills I’ve learnt.

This is the first Embroiderers Guild online course I’ve done and I would certainly do another one.  The application form was easily downloaded from their website and I received the course details/instructions by email very quickly.

The course instructions are written clearly and were easily followed.

So what have I learnt:

  • I love working with Lutrador and can’t wait to experiment with other things on this fabric.
  • Wire is great for adding structure and dimension to stitched work.
  • Melting fabric is satisfying and fun.
  • Tights can be useful in stitching.

The thread colours I used are more vibrant than the ones shown on the Embroiderers Guild sample but I love these colours and was drawn to them.  I’ve also just made one flower on a short stem.

What to do next – so many ideas and not enough time to stitch 🙂


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