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Unloved drawing to loved stitching

This discarded drawing, by my daughter, I rescued from the rubbish pile.  She didn’t like it.  I love it – the lines of the stem, shape of the leaves, the simplicity.

Eager to use Lutrador and wire again I’m having a go at representing the drawing in stitch.

I drew the leaves on Lutrador using dark and light blue fabric crayons, then stitched wire around the edge.

I’m still deciding whether to use the heat gun on the Lutrador or keep the leaves as they are………..

This weekend I’ve been tired, grouchy and out of sorts.  Not ideal when your daughter isn’t feeling well.  My current stitching is on the sewing machine and I needed to sit with my daughter so out came mindful stitching.

For an hour we both sat quietly – me stitching, my daughter reading.  I have to say mindful stitching was calming and easier to do this time.  It was nice to be stitching something where I didn’t need to be worried about how it looked, whether it was going as planned or I needed to do something different.  I just stitched and I became more aware of the different textures of fabric under my fingers and how the stitched fabric felt different from the unstitched fabric – noticing things I wouldn’t normally do.

So it was a success; I enjoyed it and came away feeling relaxed and more able to cope with what the weekend would bring me 🙂


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