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Stitching and sunshine battle

There’s been a battle between sitting in the garden in the sun and using the sewing machine inside this week.

Sitting outside won so it’s been the perfect chance to keep trying mindful stitching.  It has been  very calming and relaxing.  The stitching is progressing quickly so I will have to prepare more fabric soon.

I did do a bit of stitching on the sewing machine.  The middle of the leaves have been free hand machine embroidered in a light blue.

I tried heating the Lutrador but nothing happened to the leaves themselves. Interesting how the fabric crayon had an effect.  I think I need to try a soldering iron on it and also heating a light weight Lutrador with fabric crayon on it.

The leaves have been cut out and shaped – now I need to add them to the background and stitch in the stems.

Heatwave is continuing this week so not sure how much time will be spent on the sewing machine again  🙂


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