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What to work on?

I seem to have three different projects on the go and I’m flitting from one to another.

I’ve been drawing a design for using the Christmas ribbons I bought years ago. Too nice to cut up so wanted to make something to treasure :-). Really need to do more on this as before I know it the summer will be over, Christmas will be looming and I will also need to think about stitching Christmas cards.

I’ve been creating more fabric for my meditative stitching as I am nearly at the end of my first piece.

And I’ve also been working on my second Lutrador and wire piece. I’ve traced the design on the felt using a disappearing pen and stitched over this line in a free hand straight stitch.

Then I attached some of the leaves using a zig zag stitch. The idea in my head of how to attach the leaves worked and it’s really satisfying when the theory works out in practice. Again the sunshine is making it hard to sit inside and stitch on the sewing machine. Mustn’t complain though as the brightness of the sun always makes me feel better mentally 🙂


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