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Music to fuel your soul

School holidays are here and not much stitching has taken place.  Time is taken up by getting ready for holidays, sorting out new school uniform and entertaining my daughter.

We have been spending time outside in the sunshine and reading lots and lots of books.  A rare treat and very enjoyable 🙂

Every year I have a count down to our holiday but this year I’m determined not to.  I don’t want to wish the time away so I am concentrating on being present in every moment.

We’ve been to see the Mamma Mia 2 film this week and it was a good reminder of how music plays an important part in how we are feeling.  I will be honest it was an effort to go but I am so pleased we went as I came out smiling and feeling happy.  I don’t think my daughter was impressed with my singing of Abba songs on the way home though!

So one upbeat song required each day…….


2 thoughts on “Music to fuel your soul

  1. music plays a massive part in my mental wellbeing. Whilst at the very depths of depression, I couldn’t bear to listen to music. I think it was my depression preventing me from doing something that would make me feel a bit better. Now I make sure I listen to music every day and go to as many gigs as possible (live music is even better!). I can tell the difference in my mood if I miss a day or two.


    1. That’s brilliant you have found something to help your mental wellbeing. It’s so important to make sure we find time to do the things that make us feel better. Keep enjoying the music and feeling mentally


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