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Comparing myself

Its been a while since I posted a blog.  There’s been a lot going on with a family holiday and my daughter being ill so I decided to give myself a ‘blog holiday’ and not feel guilty about the lack of a blog post.

We had a good two weeks chilling out and visiting places I have never been to before.  This year I was inspired to do some drawings of the places we visited; to make me look at things in a different way and to stimulate my creativity.

For someone who doesn’t think she can draw and isn’t confident in drawing it was a challenge.

My daughter also did the same and it has been fascinating to see what we each chose to draw and how different each of our drawings are.  I was impressed at how she noticed little details in each place we visited that I had missed.  Interestingly neither of us were very keen on our own drawings and felt each other had done a better job.

Whilst I knew comparing ourselves to each other isn’t productive, it was very difficult not to compare our drawings at first.  It took active thinking to stop it.  We are all unique individuals so naturally whatever we do, be it art, sport, music, is going to be unique as well.  So why do we compare ourselves and want to be the same as other people?

What we should be doing is concentrating on being our unique selves and doing what makes us happy.  This world is colourful and varied because of all our different talents, passions and traits.

I will never be a brilliant artist but drawing this holiday has been fun, made me happy and created memories of where we have been.  It has also given me inspiration for a future stitching project 🙂  That’s a lot more important than seeing whether my drawings are as good as someone else’s.

As the holidays are over and school has started my next project is Christmas themed.  It’s never too early to start making things for Christmas!


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