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The truth or a false picture?

I’m struggling to decide what to write – the truth or a false picture?  If I tell the truth I feel as if I’m moaning but if I give a false picture then I am adding to all the other false pictures on social media which make people feel inadequate and that their lives aren’t right.

So really it’s a very easy choice – the truth.  If you don’t want to hear it stop reading now!

This week has been challenging, emotional and frustrating.  My daughter has been suffering from exhaustion for 5 months and it’s hard to see the effect it is having on her life.  Getting help isn’t straight forward but hopefully we are making small steps in the right direction with that.  It looks as if the exhaustion will be here for a while so we are going to have to change our life so we can work at getting her better.  It’s scary knowing we may have to deviate from the well known path for children’s education and development.  As a parent you only want the best for your child and you feel vulnerable and helpless when you realise you can’t fix your child and you don’t know which is the best way to get things back on track.  I know things will get better for my daughter and we will be with her every step of the way to support her.  We just need to get through the difficult part and find out what we need to do to get on back on the road to recovery.  I found this quote very helpful during the week:

I know in this house we are totally alive 🙂  I also found this quote today and I am trying my best to follow the advice.

Stitching regularly is even more important at the moment to look after my mental wellbeing.  After many years of looking at my gorgeous Christmas ribbons I took the plunge and cut them!!!!!!!

I (and the ribbons) survived.  Initially I pinned the ribbons on the background fabric but they didn’t lie flat so I used some stick and spray to hold them in place (other brands will be available – I just happened to be in that particular shop when I needed some).


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