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The power of support

Isn’t it amazing how having support during a difficult time can make a huge difference to you.

My daughter has been diagnosed with chronic fatigue (ME) and it has been a tough couple of weeks sorting out how she will get treatment and also getting support for her in school.  Whilst chronic fatigue isn’t life threatening it is life changing – affecting her life and also ours.

During this time we have been lucky to have the support of 2/3 people we have met through my daughter being ill and it has had such a huge effect on all of us and helped enormously in how we deal with chronic fatigue.  We have also been lucky to have the support of friends who helped us through some challenging times, and continue to be there.

It is easy to become hypnotized by your day to day life and forget that a simple text or phone call can make an impact on someone else’s life – letting them know you are there and that you care.  The power of support can be amazing.

Some ‘fabric buying’ therapy was really needed for me this week and it put a smile on my face.  As well as material for Christmas cards and Christmas presents I also bought some fabric just for me 🙂

I’ve also spent some time cutting out squares of fabric for my slow (mindful) stitching.  I am busy mindful stitching on my last piece of fabric so I wanted to prepare other pieces of fabric ready.  I’m loving how the pile of fabric from my daughter’s old toddler clothes is going down – it means I have room now to buy some new fabric 🙂

And finally I stitched two of the tubs for my ribbon Christmas trees to stand in. I used some Christmas fabric and freehand machine embroidered around the edge of the words. I did forget to get some fabric for the stars on the Christmas trees when I was at the fabric shop so it looks as if I need to do some more fabric shopping!


2 thoughts on “The power of support

  1. I do hope your daughter is ok. I suffered from CF in school too. Such a challenge for everyone. You have some lovely fabrics here and I hope you are able to spend some time to yourself each day whilst also looking after your family.


    1. I hope you have recovered from CF. It is a challenge for everyone and it’s one of those conditions that isn’t widely understood. I’m making sure I am stitching regularly as it is helping to to makes sure I’m making time for myself. Would be lost without my stitching 🙂

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