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Stitching and sunshine battle

There’s been a battle between sitting in the garden in the sun and using the sewing machine inside this week. Sitting outside won so it’s been the perfect chance to keep trying mindful stitching. ┬áIt has been ┬ávery calming and relaxing. ┬áThe stitching is progressing quickly so I will have to prepare more fabric soon.… Continue reading Stitching and sunshine battle

mindful stitching · Sewing · slow stitching · Stitching

Unloved drawing to loved stitching

This discarded drawing, by my daughter, I rescued from the rubbish pile. ┬áShe didn’t like it. ┬áI love it – the lines of the stem, shape of the leaves, the simplicity. Eager to use Lutrador and wire again I’m having a go at representing the drawing in stitch. I drew the leaves on Lutrador using… Continue reading Unloved drawing to loved stitching

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Stitching without purpose

I started slow (mindful) stitching this week. ┬áThe aim of mindful stitching is to be more ethical with your stitching materials and to be more aware of/concentrate on the movement of your needle rather than the item you are stitching. So with this in mind I rummaged through my fabric and thread stash for materials… Continue reading Stitching without purpose