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Stitched face and children’s mental health

More than half of mental health issues in adults begin before they are 14 years old (information from Heads Together). I remember when I was younger than 14 and how confusing and bewildering it was trying to cope with so many over-whelming emotions – one of which I now know was anxiety. Thankfully over 25… Continue reading Stitched face and children’s mental health

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Workplace mental health and snow day stitching

I was excited this week to hear about the development of a new workplace mental health initiative (including a ‘Mental Health at Work’ website and online training) being developed by Heads Together and Mind. 1 in 6 British workers are affected by mental health issues but sadly only 2% of people asked in a survey… Continue reading Workplace mental health and snow day stitching

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Paper and Pencils instead of fabric and thread

No machine stitching again this week as I’ve been preparing and drawing ready to stitch on paper. This is my inspiration. I must stop telling myself I can’t draw as my tree looks good (plus I also drew my 1920s lady).  They won’t win any drawing awards for masterpieces but they are more than good… Continue reading Paper and Pencils instead of fabric and thread

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Hand stitching and family time

At last it’s hanging up finished.  It’s been a learning experience and I would do things differently next time as the front doesn’t attach properly to the back piece – not that you can tell from the photo (or anyone else can tell). It’s school holiday this week so there hasn’t been any machine stitching.… Continue reading Hand stitching and family time

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To be sad, or not to be

It’s been a tough few months and weeks.  It certainly changes things and puts a new perspective on life when someone in the family is seriously ill with a rare heart cancer.  Thanks to the amazing NHS, doctors, nurses, science and technology has she got a chance, at the age of 23, of having a… Continue reading To be sad, or not to be

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Time to Talk Day – Thursday 1 February 2018

Robin Williams, Demi Lovato, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mily Cyrus, Michael Phelps, Hugh Laurie, Winston Churchill, J K Rowling, Dame Kelly Holmes, Tony Adams, Frank Bruno, Ellie Goulding, David Beckham, Glenn Close, J F Kennedy, Buzz Aldrin, Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens The above are well known people – actors/performers, scientists, Prime Minister/President, top athletes, writers –… Continue reading Time to Talk Day – Thursday 1 February 2018